Moxie services

feeling overwhelmed trying to make your docs look good?

Are you already using Moxie but break out in a cold sweat when you try to do anything with agreements?

Feel like you need a lie down after you’ve tried changing your invoices so they aren’t plain old black on white?

Or are you in the camp that hasn’t ventured that far but you want a beautiful, on-brand proposal you can show off to clients?

You’re in luck! Custom designing these templates in Moxie is my JAM.

Let’s get you sorted! πŸ‘

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MOXIE custom templates

I can customise your templates for:

  • Agreements (and proposals)
  • Invoices

The template customisation service includes a custom design (where you can provide feedback), before I build the template in your Moxie account, ready for you to use straight away!

You’ll also receive a short video about using the template, and any important settings.

Ready to hand them over?

Client love

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but wait... what is moxie? πŸ€”

Put simply, Moxie is the CRM tool I wish I’d had when I started my business 3 years ago.

It’s designed specifically for freelancers to help make running our businesses easier.

This system doesn’t just make it simple for me – my clients have told me how easy it is for them!

Stupid-good tools for freelancers

Moxie is a RIDONKULOUS level of multi-functional. It has changed my business, saving me time, money, stress and brain-power.

(A case could also be made for saving my sanity but that ship sailed long ago… πŸ€ͺ)

These are the functions I’m using daily to streamline my biz admin.

πŸ“„ Proposals / agreements
πŸ’² Invoicing (synced with Xero!)
πŸ“Š Project management
πŸ’» Customisable client portal
πŸ“… Meeting schedulers
πŸ“© Client comms (incl. a ticketing system like a helpdesk! 🀯)
⏱️ Time tracking
πŸ” Automations / workflows

How many different programs or apps are you using from that list? (I’m sitting at a very comfortable ‘one program’, thankyouverymuch.)

A better question to ask would be “How much could you save on subscriptions if you cancelled all your existing platforms and just had one doing it all for you?” πŸ€‘

On the fence? Have a free trial!

I’ve been so SO impressed with how Moxie has changed my business (on multiple levels!) that I’m telling pretty much anyone who will listen. The reactions from people when they realise HOW MUCH Moxie can handle for their business is on par with the mind-exploding emoji.

I have a referral code that will get you a 30-day free trial (as opposed to the standard 14 days if you sign up without the code).

Just hit the button below and sign up for an account.